Stamford, CT Masonry Supplies, Tools, and Materials

Stamford, CT Masonry Supplies, Tools, and Materials

If you are trying to complete a DIY project in your home, such as restoring a decaying brick building or building a new fireplace, you may want to get some professional advice about the tools you need. At ConnCrete Works we take pride in our affordable masonry supplies and premier masonry services we offer our Stamford, CT clients. We understand that hiring a professional can be expensive, but it’s easy to falter at masonry. If you decide to still take on the project anyway, we can offer expert advice in addition to the wide selection of tools at our arsenal.

Masonry Tools in Stamford, CT

We want to help anyone who has the skillset to perform their own masonry projects with the tools necessary to get the job done. There are several types of projects that you may need to use our masonry tools for, such as installing a stylish retaining wall or constructing planters. Our DIY clients of Stamford should be more than satisfied with the selection on display, and our team at ConnCrete Works can help acquaint you with the specific tools needed for your masonry project if this is your first time.

  • Trowels – Margin and V or Square Used to pile mortar on top of stone or (for any veneer masonry unit) to evenly spread mortar. Also used with margin trowels to keep mortar from spilling over the side of your structure with V or square notched trowels. These contribute to the even spreading of mortar across large surfaces.
  • Mason HammerA mason hammer can be used to break bricks in half and to chop stone with its blunt edge. The smaller side of a mason hammer can create breaks in the pattern of a mason structure and is crucial to setting up the actual breakage.
  • Cold ChiselDesigned with a flat, wide head, this can be used to chip away excess mortar material or to remove brick from a brick wall. It can also be used to break stone and brick like a mason hammer can.
  • Wire Brush Removes debris accumulating along the surface of your structure. Also, if you have been working extra hard, it can brush away concrete crumbs and rock chips that you’ve gained from your other work.

Effective Masonry Materials in Stamford, CT

The team here at Conncrete Works is equipped to provide all our valued Stamford clients with the proper materials needed for DIY masonry projects. We recommend to all our clients that you purchase your materials close to your project startup date rather than purchase them far in advance of starting your project. This is because materials purchased in advance may become damaged if they come in contact with moisture and become hardened and be of no use. There are many masonry materials that you can use, including:

  • MortarHolds structures together
  • Veneer mortarEnriched with polymers and sticks to all types of vertical surfaces. More expensive than regular mortar.
  • AggregateForms the bulk of concrete, a mixture of sand and gravel.
  • Portland cementAvailable for purchase in 50 or 100 pound bags, Portland cement is a combined mixture of lime, iron, alumina, silica, and gypsum.
  • Ready-mix concreteUsed primarily for deck supports or securing fence posts, this combines Portland cement and gravel to create a ready-mix concrete material that cures and hardens easily.
  • GroutA mixture of Portland cement and sand, grout is used primarily to fill in the seams for masonry projects.
  • RebarPrimarily used to add strength to large masonry projects (along with steel bars and reinforcing bars).

The Professionals You Can Trust in Stamford, CT

ConnCrete Works makes sure that any Stamford masonry project goes smoothly and efficiently. We provide high quality services and tools with affordable prices. We want to be the go-to company for your masonry needs. We are the team for you if you need professional masonry or advice on the supplies you need. Give us a call today to obtain a free estimate or to schedule a free consultation.