Construction Supply Company Serving Stamford

Construction Supply Company Serving Stamford

Conncrete Work’s supply showroom and warehouse has the tools and equipment you require for both residential and commercial concrete applications.

We offer various products such as rebar products, Sonotube Concrete Forms, and general construction necessities. We’ll provide you with quality products so that you can get quality results. We proudly offer our concrete supply services in Stamford and throughout Connecticut.


We go the extra mile on quality control and safety and are proud of our reputation as a quick turnaround shop where no project is too big or too small. Our job is to manage your fabrication project on time and on budget.

Multilingual Staff

Our multilingual staff are able to speak English, Portuguese, or Spanish. We hope to accommodate you or your Stamford employees the best we can through the entire process.

Family Owned

As a family first company we are built off the values of treating everyone as if they’re a part of it. We’ve shown that we are knowledgeable, and easy to work with.

Fast Turnaround Without Sacrificing Quality

When you come to us with a project we’ll make sure to prioritize your timely project completion, while keeping you on budget.

Construction Products We Supply

Rebar Fabrication

Conncrete Works details and fabricates a large variety of standard and specialty rebar and accessories. We can provide you with a wide variety of rebar sizes, grades, and finishes, including black rebar, epoxy coated rebar, and fabricated rebar.

In order to help you finish your projects on time, we have a majority of common fabricated rebar shapes and variations are kept in stock at our warehouse for quick service, including:

  • Dowels
  • Stirrupss
  • Hoops
  • Cages (assembled rebar cages)
  • Custom Steel Bends
  • Straight Length Sizes, ⅜ – 1 Inches (numbers 3 – 8 in stock)

Rebar Accessories

When your Stamford Company requires accessories for your rebar products, we can also supply them! We can equipt you with rebar caps, spacers, bolsters, wire rolls and more. Our quality product line and excellent service will help solve the solutions for your foundation requirements.

SONOTUBE Concrete Forms

Sonotube Products

Conncrete Works serving Stamford has an extensive array of sonotube sizes up to 42” that you can’t receive in a home improvement supply store. This option is both an eco-friendly and affordable for an array or projects you may be looking at to start.

Concrete Forming Accessories

For Stamford customers whose projects involving concrete, you’ll need forming accessories to help manipulate the concrete. In that case, you will also need concrete forming including tools such as, ties, hardware or even custom concrete products. The accessories we offer at Conncrete Works include:

Concrete Form Rentals

You need to start with the right building materials when you want to do an outstanding job. Conncrete Works designs, rents, and sells concrete forms for construction projects of all kinds. We simplify your project by providing the best solution and service within our industry.

To find out more about our rental options, please reach out to us at Conncrete Works for pricing and options.

Stamford, CT’s Trusted Concrete Supplier

With affordable pricing and flexibility in pick-up or delivery options, Conncrete Works can help make sure your projects are done on time with quality products and services.