Norwalk, CT Masonry Supplies, Tools, and Materials

Norwalk, CT Masonry Supplies, Tools, and Materials

Though many people take pride in performing DIY home improvement projects, most will agree that masonry projects and complex construction projects typically require the skill and expertise of professionals. Here at Conncrete Works, we take pride in our affordable masonry supplies and premier masonry services we offer. Our team of highly skilled masons is committed to providing all our Norwalk clients with only the highest quality products and services in the region.

Masonry Tools in Norwalk, CT

If you find that performing your own masonry projects suits your skillset, then surely you can rely upon the specialists here at Conncrete Works to provide you with all the masonry supplies, tools, and materials you need to embark on your personal masonry project. From trowels and hammers to chisels and all types of masonry materials, our team has got you covered. For our DIY clients in Norwalk, we also stand ready to provide you with a variety of masonry materials such as crushed stone and limestone. Whether you are looking to install a new fireplace, a stylish retaining wall, or simply want to construct planters, it is important to know exactly which basic masonry supplies, tools, and materials you will need to successfully complete your Norwalk home project. With that said, our team of skilled masons and specialists here at Conncrete Works wants to help acquaint you with some of the specific tools you will need for your masonry project.

  • Trowels – Margin and V or Square Trowels are used specifically for piling mortar on top of stone and also for evenly spreading the mortar across any veneer masonry unit. Trowels can be used with margin trowels specifically to keep the mortar from spilling over the side of your structure with V or square notched trowels contributing to the even spreading of mortar across large surfaces.
  • Mason HammerIf you are a Do-it-Yourselfer, then surely you will need to invest in a mason hammer for all that stone chopping and breaking bricks in half. This hammer is designed with a blunt side that allows stone and bricks to be chopped with a single blow. The smaller side of the mason hammer is used to create breaks in the pattern of a mason structure.
  • Cold ChiselA cold chisel can also be used for breaking stone and brick much like the mason hammer. The cold chisel is designed with a flat, wide head that can be used to remove the brick from a brick wall or to chip away excess mortar material.
  • Wire Brush A wire brush is used for the primary purpose of brushing away concrete crumbs or rock chips and for removing debris that has accumulated along the surface of your structure.

Effective Masonry Materials in Norwalk, CT

The team here at Conncrete Works is equipped to provide all our valued Norwalk clients with the proper materials needed for DIY masonry projects. We recommend to all our clients that you purchase your materials close to your project startup date rather than purchase them far in advance of starting your project. This is because materials purchased in advance may become damaged if they come in contact with moisture and become hardened and be of no use. There are many masonry materials that you can use, including:

  • MortarThe primary function of mortar is to ensure that structures effectively stick together.
  • Veneer mortarVeneer mortar is enriched with polymers and sticks to all types of vertical surfaces. This type of mortar is far more expensive than typical mortar.
  • AggregateAggregate forms the bulk of concrete used in most masonry projects and is a mixture of sand and gravel.
  • Portland cementPortland cement is a combined mixture of lime, iron, alumina, silica, and gypsum. It is available for purchase in 50 or 100-pound bags.
  • Ready-mix concreteCombining Portland cement and gravel with water forms a ready-mix concrete material that hardens and cures easily. A ready-mix concrete is primarily used for deck supports and even for securing fence posts.
  • GroutGrout is primarily used to fill in the seams on many masonry projects. It is a very simple mixture of Portland cement and sand.
  • RebarRebar, as well as steel bars and reinforcing bars, are primarily used to add strength to large masonry projects.

The Professionals You Can Trust in Norwalk, CT

Here at Conncrete Works our team of dedicated professionals is steadfast in their commitment to providing all our Norwalk clients and those in the adjacent towns with high-quality services and prices that are truly affordable. We strive to meet the individual needs of all our Norwalk clients and to perform needed projects in timelines accommodating our clients’ schedules. As a result of our high customer service and satisfaction rating, Conncrete Works has been billed as your go-to company for all your masonry supplies and masonry service needs throughout the Norwalk region. If you are in the market for a highly professional mason or in search of top-rated masonry supplies, then we are the team for you. Simply give a shout-out to one of our staff to obtain a free estimate or to schedule a free consultation today.