Construction Supply Company Serving Hamden

Construction Supply Company Serving Hamden

We can help you complete your jobs from the ground up through our various rebar products, Sonotube Construction Forms and general construction necessities that your Hamden construction company may need. Conncrete Works can supply all of the concrete needed for your project thanks to its experience of 7 decades in creating concrete applications for residential and commercial buildings.


We are a trusted concrete supplier for any Hamden construction projects requiring concrete. We promise to make all of our concrete-related products easy to understand through our expert service and knowledge.

Multilingual Staff

We can help any of your Hamden staff and employees who do not understand our services in English, Portugueses and Spanish. We accommodate any and all of our customers whenever we can.

Family Owned

We are proving ourselves to be easy to work with and knowledgeable about the concrete industry because we are a family owned business and take ourselves seriously.

Fast Turnaround Without Sacrificing Quality

Your project will be completed in a quick and timely manner, as we work faster and more consistently than the rest of the competition in Hamden.

Construction Products We Supply

Rebar Fabrication

Your Hamden company may need some reinforcement for its concrete, which is where our reinforcing bar products come in. We can give you a variety of rebar sizes, grades and finishes that you may need. Certain ones we have in stock includes black rebar, epoxy coated rebar and fabricated rebar.

We include several types of fabricated rebar products inside of our warehouse that are common shapes and variations, such as:

  • Dowels
  • Stirrupss
  • Hoops
  • Cages (assembled rebar cages)
  • Custom Steel Bends
  • Forms
  • Fillers
  • Straight Length Sizes, ⅜ – 1 Inches (numbers 3 – 8 in stock)

Rebar Accessories

We can supply any rebar products (such as rebar cages, caps, spacers, manual rebar benders, etc.) that your Hamden company may need for its project.

SONOTUBE Concrete Forms

Sonotube Products

Hamden chain home improvement supply stores may feature Sonotube products, but none that go up to as high as 42” like Conncrete Works of Danbury does. These concrete forms are used for light posts, signs, deck footings and buildings’ round column molds and footings.

Concrete Forming Accessories

We offer the tools that will be able to help you keep the formation of your concrete into a certain shape. Occasionally, your concrete product will need something extra to help form it into place. We offer many different types of accessories at Conncrete Works, such as forms, ties, hardware and custom concrete products if necessary. Here are the accessories we keep in stock:

Concrete Form Rentals

Every product we listed above, from the forms and hardware to the accessories that comes with them, is available for Hamden customers to rent at Conncrete Works. If you want to check out our rental options and and flexible pricing options, reach out to our staff in Danbury.

Hamden, CT's Trusted Concrete Supplier

Conncrete Works can work itself seamlessly into your Hamden workspace, as it can provide all of the concrete products your construction company can need. There are a variety of options and prices to choose from for your pick-up or delivery, and we will work with you every step of the way.