Connecticut Masonry Tools and Materials

Connecticut Masonry Tools and Materials

Many Connecticut homeowners enjoy taking on their own DIY home improvement projects. From plumbing and painting projects to landscaping and drywall projects, homeowners often find these DIY projects easy to accomplish on their own. However, masonry projects can certainly be a whole lot more challenging for Connecticut homeowners and more times than not require the experience and skill of contracted mason professionals. That’s where the team of professionals here at Conncrete Works comes in.

Masonry Tools In Connecticut

Here at Conncrete Works, our teams are equipped with all the tools and materials needed to perform any masonry project, no matter how big or how small. The tools themselves are quite common and simple and for do-it-yourselfers in Connecticut are not only affordable but easy to use and understand. The materials used in most mason projects include crushed stone or limestone and are every bit as common as the simple mason tools. For Connecticut homeowners who are determined to perform their own masonry projects, whether they are building a fireplace, a retaining wall, or even planters, it is essential that they have an understanding of the basic tools and materials that are needed for their Connecticut home project. With that said, the team here at Conncrete Works wants to share some important insight below about the tools needed to perform your own mason project.

  • Trowels – Margin and V or SquareSpecifically used for piling mortar on top of the stone and for even spreading of the mortar across any veneer masonry unit, a long thin trowel is one of the most important tools you will need. Various trowels can be used with margin trowels being used specifically to keep the mortar from spilling over the side of the structure you are working on. Further, V or square notched trowels are essential to the even spreading of mortar across a large flat surface.
  • Mason HammerA mason hammer has a blunt side that is used specifically for chopping stones and bricks in half. This process is performed by of a single blow. The smaller side of the mason hammer is used for creating precise breaks in your pattern.
  • Cold ChiselA cold chisel is designed with a flat, wide head. Much like the mason hammer, it is used for breaking stone and brick in half as well as removing the brick from a brick wall. In addition, a cold chisel can be used to chip away excess mortar material.
  • Wire Brush A wire brush is used to brush away any concrete crumbs or rock chips and has proven to be an indispensable tool. It also helps to remove any debris that has accumulated along your structure or work surface.

Effective Masonry Materials in Connecticut

In addition to the proper tools needed for your DIY project, it is important that you also choose the appropriate masonry materials for your specialized project. Here at Conncrete Works, we recommend that rather than buying a significant amount of various materials long before you start your project, it is best to purchase the necessary materials closer to the startup date of your project. The reason behind this is simple. You want to avoid materials from coming in contact with moisture since moisture can cause the material to harden quickly and become damaged. Keeping this in mind, we want to share some common masonry materials that may suit you best.

  • MortarMortar has a primary function in that it ensures your masonry units or structures are able to strongly stick together.
  • Veneer mortar Veneer mortar is enriched with polymers and is much more expensive than typical mortar. It does, however, stick to all types of vertical surfaces and is primarily used for manufactured veneer stones.
  • AggregateAggregate material is a mixture of sand and gravel and is used to form the bulk of concrete used in many masonry projects.
  • Portland cementPortland cement is available in 50-pound or 100-pound bags and is a mixture of lime, alumina, iron, silica, and gypsum.
  • Ready-mix concrete A pre-made mixture of sand, Portland cement, and gravel, ready-mix concrete easily hardens and cures once you add water to it. This material is primarily used for various types of deck supports and can also be used to securely set fence posts.
  • GroutGrout is a common mixture of Portland cement and sand and is basically used to fill in the seams on a masonry structure.
  • RebarRebar, reinforcing bars, and steel bars are used in larger masonry projects and provide added strength.

The Professionals You Can Trust in Connecticut

Here at Conncrete Works our team of highly skilled and experienced professionals takes a great deal of pride in being recognized within the Connecticut marketplace as one of the best all-around companies for mason services. Our team is steadfast in their commitment to providing all our valued Connecticut clients with only the highest quality products and services. If you are a Connecticut home or business owner in need of a professional mason, then look no further than the professionals here at Conncrete Works. For more information about our top of the line masonry services we provide to our many Connecticut clients, take time out to contact one of our staff today.