Construction Supply Company Serving Brookfield

Construction Supply Company Serving Brookfield

Conncrete Works is a family-owned construction supply showroom and warehouse operated by experts with over 70 years of experience in residential and commercial concrete applications.

We have all the materials you need to complete your Brookfield construction project, including various rebar products, Sonotube Concrete Forms, and general construction necessities. We pride ourselves on representing our industry, gladly providing you access to the newest concrete products and materials needed to complete any job from the ground up.


We promise to supply expert service and knowledge across all concrete-related products. Our dedication has cemented our reputation in Brookfield as a trusted supplier of quality concrete supplies.

Multilingual Staff

Our multilingual staff are in position to communicate with you or your employees in English, Portuguese, or Spanish. We do everything we can to accomodate all of our clients in Brookfield.

Family Owned

Because we’re family owned we take our business seriously. We’ve proven ourselves over and over to be one of the most knowledgeable, and easy to work with, construction suppliers in Brookfield.

Fast Turnaround Without Sacrificing Quality

We prioritize your timely project completion, that’s why we make sure our turnaround times are faster and more consistent than our competitors.

Construction Products We Supply

Rebar Fabrication

Reinforcing bar, or rebar, is a steel bar that is hot rolled and used widely within the construction industry, especially for the purpose of concrete reinforcement. Conncrete Works serving Brookfield stocks a wide variety of rebar sizes, grades, and finishes, including black rebar, epoxy coated rebar, and fabricated rebar. The majority of common fabricated rebar shapes and variations are kept in stock at our warehouse for quick service, including: :

  • Dowels
  • Stirrupss
  • Hoops
  • Cages (assembled rebar cages)
  • Custom Steel Bends
  • Straight Length Sizes, ⅜ – 1 Inches (numbers 3 – 8 in stock)

Rebar Accessories

When your Brookfield Company requires accessories for your rebar products, we can also supply them! We offer assembled rebar cages, rebar caps, rebar spacers, and manual rebar benders.

SONOTUBE Concrete Forms

Sonotube Products

When you have a project that requires the formation of concrete, you’ll need a few tools that can help you place your concrete or form your concrete to a certain shape. You’ll also need a few different components for concrete forming including forms, ties, hardware or even custom concrete products. The accessories we offer at Conncrete Works includes:

Concrete Forming Accessories

We also are steadfast in providing all our Brookfield clients with a variety of concrete forming accessories and tools. We offer forms, ties and hardware, as well as the following:

Concrete Form Rentals

We can also supply your Brookfield business with the concrete forms and hardware needed to construct concrete walls and foundations. Accessories can include scaffolding brackets, form ties, coil rods, and more.

To find out more about our rental options, please reach out to us at Conncrete Works for pricing and options.

Brookfield, CT’s Trusted Concrete Supplier

Buying your concrete-related products from Conncrete Works is the simple solution that works every time. With competitive pricing and flexibility in pick-up or delivery options, we can integrate seamlessly into your Brookfield location workflow.

Wire Mesh

Here at Conncrete Works our team of dedicated specialists are committed to providing only the highest quality products to all our Brookfield clients and that includes our effective and affordable wire mesh products. Available in both sheets and rolls, our wire mesh serves many industries. A popular choice for many design projects as well as home improvement projects, wire mesh is also used for privacy, fencing and even home gardens. Further usage of wire mesh is that of interior designs such as cabinetry designs and lighting fixtures. Our premier wire mesh can also be used as screens in windows and doors and is ideal for allowing the flow of air from the outdoors in. When projects require mesh that had greater sturdiness and durability, welded mesh is the perfect effective solution.

Steel mesh is comprised of steel, chromium and nickel, and with its unique design contributes to a greater resistance to both abrasion and rust. In addition, steel mesh is also resistant to both heat and cold temperatures.

There are a number of additional fields where wire mesh presents with many benefits including the following:

  • Oil and Gas – Wire mesh is an ideal option for filtering the many impurities found in crude oil and is a primary component of the refining process.
  • Architecture – Used in home foundations, wire mesh proves to be beneficial in the construction of walls and ceilings.
  • Solar – Solar panels can be disrupted by outdoor pests and birds. However, wire mesh can alleviate this problem.
  • Agriculture – A perfect option for many farmers, wire mesh is often used to create barriers needed to shelter farmland from animals that come in the night.

Masonry Supplies

For years the team here at Conncrete Works has been providing top of the line construction supplies and materials to all our valued Brookfield clients. We take pride in our inventory of high-quality masonry materials and supplies. For clients who have a need for mason’s tools and supplies the team here at Conncrete Works has got you covered. We offer our customers a truly friendly and knowledgeable staff of specialists who are on hand to answer all your questions and discuss your masonry projects. Our inventory is comprised of a varied selection of mason’s tools and supplies including, but not limited to, bagged cement, concrete mix, mortar, grout, mason accessories, hand tools, mixers, trowels, and masonry fasteners.

Our Brookfield clients can always rely upon our experienced staff and our top-rated but affordable inventory of masonry tools, supplies and materials needed to complete their personal masonry projects. We are steadfast in our commitment to move forward with our marketplace presence by way of continuing our superior customer service to all our Brookfield clients.