Construction Supply Company Serving Bridgeport

Construction Supply Company Serving Bridgeport

Conncrete Works has proudly been serving the Bridgeport community for over 70 years. Our family owned business strives to provide the best professional concrete applications in Connecticut.

Get started with your construction project with us. Conncrete Works has all the products and accessories you’ll need to get started. We offer various products such as rebar products, Sonotube Concrete Forms, and general construction necessities. We’ll provide you with quality products so that you can get quality results. We have proudly served Bridgeport for decades with excellent customer service and construction supplies.


Here at Conncrete Works we promise all our valued clients that we will only provide the highest quality concrete services, concrete-related products and materials to meet with their individual construction needs. We promise to be there for you from start to finish. Our products are guaranteed to give you the results you’ve always dreamed of.

Multilingual Staff

Our multilingual staff speak English, Portuguese, or Spanish. Communication is key, and we want to make sure you’re getting everything you need.

Family Owned

We strive to make our Bridgeport customers feel like a part of the family. Come on in and receive excellent customer service every time.

Fast Turnaround Without Sacrificing Quality

We prioritize your timely project completion, we make sure to keep you on budget and on time.

Construction Products We Supply

Rebar Fabrication

Conncrete Works is a full-service fabrication and supply shop that can supply you with rebar we have in stock as well as offer you our custom rebar fabrications. We pride ourselves in superior service, quality products and long-standing relationships with our Bridgeport customers.

Most of our fabricated rebar shapes and variations are available in our warehouse for quick service, we can supply you with:

  • Dowels
  • Stirrupss
  • Hoops
  • Cages (assembled rebar cages)
  • Custom Steel Bends
  • Straight Length Sizes, ⅜ – 1 Inches (numbers 3 – 8 in stock)

Rebar Accessories

Conncrete Works distributes concrete accessories for commercial and residential applications in the concrete industry. We offer rebar caps, spacers, bolsters, wire rolls and more. Our quality product line and excellent service will help solve the solutions for your foundation requirements.

SONOTUBE Concrete Forms

Sonotube Products

Sonotube concrete forms present an economical way to create round columns molds and footings for buildings, light posts, signs and deck footings. It can be difficult to find these in a simple chain construction store. Conncrete Works serves Bridgeport with all their needs!

Concrete Forming Accessories

For Bridgeport customers whose projects involving concrete, you’ll need forming accessories to help manipulate the concrete. Some of these tools include ties, hardware or even custom concrete products. The accessories we offer at Conncrete Works includes:

Concrete Form Rentals

When you rent concrete forms, the service typically includes both the forms and transportation to the build site. We will have the right forms to fit your design and a knowledgeable staff to assist with your project.

Contact Conncrete Works to learn more about our pricing and rental options.

Bridgeport, CT’s Trusted Concrete Supplier

Simplify your residential or commercial projects with Conncrete Works. We also Deliver. Just call ahead to check our stock, get answers to your technical questions, and price out your order, and we’ll get your materials delivered right to your home or work site.

Wire Mesh

Our highly skilled and experienced team of specialists here at Conncrete Works is committed to providing only the highest quality products, including wire mesh, to all our Bridgeport clients. Our wire mesh products are available in both sheets and rolls, and serves a number of various industries. Though a popular choice for a variety of design projects and home improvement projects including privacy, fencing and home gardens, wire mesh is also often used for interior designs including various lighting fixtures and even customized cabinetry designs. Our affordable wire mesh can also be used as window and door screens that help to allow for the steady flow of air from the outside in. For those projects that require a more durable or sturdy mesh product, welded mesh is often the ideal choice.

The composition of steel mesh consists of steel, chromium and nickel. Its unique, strong design presents with a resistance to abrasion and rust as well as a resistance to heat and cold environments and temperatures.

Wire mesh is also used in a variety of other fields and industries and offers a number of benefits elsewhere as well. Some of those additional fields include:

  • Oil and Gas – An ideal option for filtering the many impurities found in crude oil wire mesh is a common component of the oil and gas refining process.
  • Architecture – In architecture, wire mesh is used regularly for home foundations, walls and ceilings.
  • Solar – Mesh is also used often in solar panels to provide protection and a shield from pests and birds.
  • Agriculture – Farmers use wire mesh often to create specialized barriers that protect their farmland from animals that typically invade their lands in the dark evening hours.

Masonry Supplies

Having been recognized in the marketplace for our quality masonry supplies, tools and materials, the team here at Conncrete Works takes pride in our continued commitment to provide affordable construction supplies and materials to all our valued Bridgeport clients. Clients who are in need of a variety of mason’s tools and supplies can always rely upon the inventory we have here at Conncrete Works. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff of specialists are always on hand to answer any questions and help with your important decision making. With our large inventory of mason’s tools and supplies which include bagged cement, concrete mix, mortar, grout, mason accessories, hand tools, mixers, trowels, and masonry fasteners to name a few, we are sure to meet with your individual needs.

Our Bridgeport clients and many in the surrounding towns have come to know us as your go to company for all your masonry supplies and materials. For all your mason’s tools and supplies be sure to put your trust into the professionals here at Conncrete Works where our customers are always our number one priority.